Four Mistakes to Avoid when Filing Returns

Let us face it. The process of tax preparation can be very challenging, and mistakes might end up costing one dearly. Even when working with a tax preparation service, errors can still occur if you fail to provide the preparer with the right information. Avoid the following mistakes when preparing your tax for smooth processing.


Filing late

Tax collectors put a deadline because of many reasons. If you decide to ignore their deadlines, then the chances are you will land severe penalties for filing late. Apart from getting stiff penalties, you might face late fees, as well as other sanctions. If you wish to beat the deadline set by the tax collector, then you can hire a local tax preparation service to prepare your returns promptly.


Using inaccurate details

You can avoid simple errors when you double-check your returns. Avoid using inaccurate names. Moreover, pay attention to the social security numbers of dependents because the IRS will not process your returns if there are mistakes in the socials. Make sure that you include the details as they appear on the identification cards. By providing accurate information, you raise the chances of your returns being processed smoothly by the IRS.

Choosing the wrong filing status

CONSULTANT The IRS provides those preparing to file their taxes with five different filing statuses. The filing can make a huge difference in the amount that you part with for taxes, as it will determine the standard deduction, tax eligibility among many other factors. Nonetheless, some people are allowed to use more than a single filing status. For more about the best situation to pick you can contact your tax preparer for more advice.

Failing to pay taxes on social security income

If you are among those collecting social security benefits, it is worth noting that social security payments are taxable. If you fail to pay the taxes, then the IRS will not hesitate to slap you with penalties. In worst scenarios, they will press criminal charges against you. Even if you do not have the money to pay the taxes, you should still file as ignoring to register will also attract more penalties.


Filing tax returns can be an uphill task, and it is easy for taxpayers to make simple mistakes during the preparation of their performances. On the other hand, a tax preparation service has the necessary experience to sidestep these simple errors. Working with a tax prep service provider is the best way to get your tax done accurately.…

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